What Building the "Africa We Want” Means for us?

To Bring about a thriving and balanced African eco-system for the well-being of multicultural communities living in harmony by raising funds and capitals to invest in:


Healthcare industry (Health Security)
Infrastructure building (to connect communities and move goods, ICT networks)

Providing Services (facilitate business activities)
Mining and industrial development (extract, transform, recycle natural resources) Arts and Cultural activities (Expression of vibrant communities)
Education, Training and Upskilling: for the needed and qualified Human Resources

Create a favorable socio-economic environment of opportunities: Job creation, Reverse Brain Drain, to be the engine of continuous innovation, R&D
Agro-industry: Food security to meet the growing demand

By doing so, we will assume part of our Responsibility as a Generation of Agents of Change that positively and remarkably impact the future of Africa and its vibrants and laborious communities.


Who can invest?

Individuals & Corporations

How much to invest?

Choose to invest an amount You are comfortable with over five (5) year period

Why are we undertaking this mission?

In the mission of “Building the Africa We Want”, we are well positioned and most obligated to find ways and necessary means of achieving the goals. No one else without our interest at heart will fulfill it to the fullest.
The sense of the Call to Duty and Responsibility : If we do not do it for ourselves, who will? Who will be to blame? Shall we continue blaming others who come to fill the vacuum with their own agenda?

Identified Problems:

Africa struggles to rise to the multifaceted challenges that the continent faces: Food Security, Health Security, Infrastructure deficiency, Lack of funds to finance development projects and transform natural resources to generate wealth in the interest of the population. Can we be really rich and live poorly by design endlessly???


There are many ways of solving the problems we mentioned but our approach is to tackle the financial deficit by calling every individual and corporation by extension that feel the Call to Action in a Grass Roots CrowdFunding to begin the journey as Agents of Change that will transform communities throughout Africa and put the Youth to work. Millions of Little Money is Big Money that moves mountains. Let’s believe in ourselves and rise to the challenges of our generation

How do We Plan to use the Funds?

Integrity and Commitment govern our actions and Behaviour . The Africa Diaspora Revival Fund, the SuperFund will be secure and managed by a team of registered financial experts and investment firms located in South Africa. The funds will be invested in diverse vetted projects and development programs on the continent. Each investor will have an account that allows him/her to monitor investments through the SuperFund App.

Expected outcome

  • ●  Individually: Pride of taking part in a life changing experience, of Being an Agent of Change. Return On Investments (ROI)

  • ●  Collectively: Building progressively the “Africa We Want” to the benefit of communities and populations throughout the continent, minimizing colossal foreign development debts.

  • ●  Corporation: Business growth. Assuming Corporate Social Responsibility.