What is Pan-Africanism?

Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African ancestry.

How do you define self-awareness?

Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts, or emotions do or don’t align with your internal standards.

What do you have access to in your ADRF Superfund App?


ADRF Blog/Podcast

Updates on the progress of projects on the continent.

Quarterly unemployment rates.

If l make a one-payment (large amount) investment, how long does it take for me to start benefiting from my investment? What is the percentage I get from my investment?

ADRF has undertaken this crowdfunding grassroot as an alternative way of involving Africans and the Diaspora to be actors and get involved in funding projects and companies that pass the due diligence and approval process to take advantage of unlimited business opportunities. The first phase of our long journey is planned over the next 5 years: collecting and investing as funds permits. The funds will be locked for 5 to 7 years for investment purposes. All investors will be updated continuously through the website/web App, progress made (showcases and financial updates).


These business ventures will be run with utmost business understanding, transparency, accountability, honesty, and good governance to enhance higher chances of growing the share prices across 5-7 years. The quickest and most practicable benefit any investor can get is a rapid rise in the share price if the business is growing, well-run, and profitable – this is capital gains! This is how it works everywhere else in the world.

Are there any investors who have already started investing?

During the introductory phase in late August 2022, we had positive feedback and a considerable number of people who have pledged to invest. The actual crowdfunding will start when we launch the online platform.

Can one withdraw their funds when they cannot continue as an investor?

The fundamental idea is to get the maximum number of people to participate in crowdfunding, a grassroots movement that allows the fund to grow significantly. Funds would then be invested in fully vetted projects, programs, and companies throughout the continent in potentially profitable businesses. So, if an individual, for whatever reason cannot continue to participate, his/her contribution will remain in the fund and the person will be able to monitor his/her account over time. The funds will be locked for 5 to 7 years for investment purposes.

Are you going to have more zoom meetings to educate and answer questions from people about ADRF?

Information sessions and online marketing outreach will be ongoing activities to reach our goals of mobilizing and informing the public.

How do I deal with international banking transaction roadblocks while trying to invest in the Superfund?

ADRF is working diligently to secure as many options as possible to ease the process of international money transactions

The links to the terms can be found here:

Terms and Conditions


Privacy Policy


Is my investment transferable to my family members?

Yes, legal provisions allow any investor to have declared beneficiaries. You have the option to update your information on your established account to add your beneficiaries.

How can I create a space to leverage personal projects?

It is important to get involved at a personal level by spreading the word and calling to action for crowdfunding that will fuel economic activities through the funding of companies, and development projects (selection by rigorous due diligence). Communities at local, regional, and continental levels will benefit through job creation and the dynamization of local and small-scale economic activities. Everyone, families, and communities will benefit in the long run as more funding creates a snowball effect. As our vision states, “The future belongs to Africa and We are building it.” Togetherness and unity of purpose are our strengths for success.

I am ready to invest in the Superfund but I would like my return to be invested in property acquisition (instead of cash) in the planning of my return to the motherland.

When the business is well run and does well, it will necessarily show the financial benefits; which will attract more investors, keen to buy more company shares. The exit strategy would consist of selling an individual investor’s shares. The business can have the first option to buy back those shares as the right of first refusal. Many investors invested in eBay, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc, and were made millionaires simply by the companies’ shares performing extremely well. Whatever an investor does with their capital gains is their own decision. ADRF does not play this role.

What does UBUNTU mean?

Ubuntu is the capacity in African culture to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, harmony, and humanity in the interest of building and maintaining a community with justice and mutual caring.


Ubuntu, a Nguni word from South Africa, speaks to our interconnectedness, our common humanity, and the responsibility to each other that flows from our deeply felt connection.


Ubuntu is the consciousness of our natural desire to affirm our fellow human beings and to work and act towards each other with the communal good in the forefront of our minds. Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu – A person is a person because of others Ubuntu is a social philosophy, a way of being, a code of ethics and behavior deeply embedded in African culture. The underlying value seeks to honor the dignity of each person and is concerned about the development and maintenance of mutually affirming and enhancing relationships.


Because Ubuntu embraces and requires justice, it inspires and therefore creates a firm foundation for our common humanity. It has been in existence for thousands of years in most countries of Africa and continues to lie at the core of intrinsic values in traditional African culture, although in urban areas, such values are being increasingly eroded.


In its practical manifestation, Ubuntu could include any actions that express an individual, organizational, corporate, or governmental commitment to expressing compassion, caring, sharing and responsiveness to the community as a whole.


The hallmark of Ubuntu is about listening to and affirming others with the help of processes that create trust, fairness, shared understanding, dignity, and harmony in relationships. Ubuntu consciousness is about the desire to build a caring, sustainable, and just response to the community – whether that be a company, village, city, nation, or our global family.


Ubuntu, applied to business and corporate responsibility, would ultimately be about sharing wealth and making (at the very least) basic services, such as food, housing, and access to health and education accessible and visible to all members of our global family. -Barbara Nussbaum – Author, Award-winning social change maker and innovator.


Ubuntu encompasses the notions of shared prosperity, togetherness, collective consciousness, community empowerment, communal responsibility, individual and collective self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and welfare.

What does Pan-Africanism mean?

Pan-Africanism is an ideology, objective, and lived experience. The Pan-Africanist perspective recognizes all Black people around the world as Africans, regardless of their current location. As an ideology, Pan-Africanism is the notion that all African people on the continent and throughout the African Diaspora share cultural bonds and a collective goal for liberation and advancement around the world, with Africa, as the homeland for Africans and the Diaspora. With a focus on liberation, Pan-Africanism is adamantly anti-imperialist and rejects neocolonialism. Pan-Africanism utilizes African cultural knowledge as the guiding source for effective strategies and tactics.


As an objective, Pan-Africanism uplifts self-determination, unity, and mass organization to ensure the well-being and freedom of the African masses as a collective. As a lived experience, Pan-Africanism is the continual intercultural fusion (consciously and unconsciously) of continental Africans and African Diaspora masses globally for cultural or racial affinity and survival. – Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, Cultural Communications Specialist – NBCI (National Black Information Trust, Inc.)